Mining the Northwest: Is there a zinc and copper mine in Schreiber’s future? – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – September 23, 2021)

Metallum Resources posts feasibility study showing almost nine-year mine life near Lake Superior’s north shore

A Vancouver zinc exploration company wants to revive mining on the north shore of Lake Superior, 20 kilometres north of Schreiber.

Metallum Resources said there’s enough high-grade zinc and copper in the ground at its Superior Lake Zinc Project to mine for a minimum of 8.5 years as the company probes for more resources this fall around a former mine site, 150 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay.

The company recently released a new feasibility study for its flagship project, updating one done to Australian standards in 2019 by another company, the since-departed Superior Lake Resources. Metallum refers to Superior Lake as the highest grade zinc development resource in North America and the second highest in the world.

Zinc is the world’s fourth most consumed industrial metals and is one of those critical ingredients needed in electric vehicle battery production.

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