Trudeau pledges to cut Canada’s oil emissions even as country keeps pumping more – by Rod Nickel (Yahoo News/Reuters – September 13, 2021)

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to reduce Canada’s oil sector emissions starting in 2025 looks unlikely to slow the growth of crude production, environmental activists and oil companies say, raising questions about how effectively the pledge will help meet the country’s goals to slow climate change.

Trudeau is in a close race with the Conservatives, and some voters are demanding decisive climate action

He promised late last month, if re-elected on Sept. 20, to immediately cap emissions from the oil and gas sector, which is responsible for 26% of national emissions, and require lower emissions in five-year intervals, starting in 2025.

The sector’s emissions have stayed roughly flat since 2014, although oil sands emissions have risen. The pledge would force the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas producer to shift focus away from curbing emissions mainly on a per-barrel basis to cutting absolute emissions.

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