Investment in Afghan mineral sector faces risks – by Zhu Yongbiao (Global Times – September 14, 2021)

The Afghan Taliban has established a new interim government. The next test for them is how to lead war-torn Afghanistan out of economic difficulties and diplomatic isolation. Can Afghanistan’s rich mineral resources help the Taliban rebuild the country?

Afghanistan is indeed rich in mineral resources, but the country’s economy remains underdeveloped. The Taliban has welcomed the international community to invest in Afghanistan, especially in mineral resources.

Western media outlets have also begun to hype the huge value of Afghanistan’s mineral resources, attracting the interest of foreign companies, including some Chinese companies. But at present, it is difficult for the mining sector to become the pillar of Afghanistan’s economy.

For starters, the current situation in Afghanistan still has a lot of uncertainty. The anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan have not been completely wiped out, and the possibility of their growth in the future cannot be ruled out. Therefore, current investments in Afghan minerals still face risks of regime change or sabotage.

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