OPINION: Liberals, Conservatives suddenly agree on the need for EV sales quotas. How will they deliver post election? – by Adam Radwanski (Globe and Mail – September 8, 2021)


Canada is suddenly headed toward a national quota for electric vehicle sales. Mere months ago, the governing Liberals were still reluctant to commit to a so-called zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate.

They were deferring to an auto industry that strongly opposes the policy, claiming it would hurt both consumer choice and domestic manufacturing. Now, courtesy of an election campaign in which parties are trying to prove their climate credibility, a surprising cross-partisan consensus has emerged.

It started with the Conservatives, whose environmental agenda includes a proposed requirement that ZEVs make up 30 per cent of all personal vehicle sales by the end of this decade, modelled after an existing policy in British Columbia.

The Liberals one-upped them when they announced their campaign platform last week, proposing a 50-per-cent target by the same date.

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