Nunavut’s fly-in workers see their share of earnings rise (Nunatsiaq News – September 7, 2021)


Nunavut’s mines have driven a big growth in the territory’s total earnings in recent years — and a growing share of those earnings is being collected by fly-in, fly-out workers who live outside the territory.

That’s according to a new report by the Conference Board of Canada that looks at the earnings of non-resident workers in Canada’s three territories over a decade. In 2017, non-resident workers in Nunavut earned a total of $357 million — nearly 30 per cent of the total earnings made in the territory that year.

By comparison, in 2008, non-residents earned $131 million, which comprised 17 per cent of total earnings in the territory.

“A billion dollars in wages earned in Nunavut is paid to non-residents every three years. And [that] rate continues to grow,” wrote Iqaluit city councillor Kyle Sheppard on Twitter, in response to the report.

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