Mining company ‘caught in the middle’ between Ginoogaming First Nation and Ontario – by Gary Rinne ( – September 7, 2021)

TORONTO — A Superior Court judge has extended an interim injunction against mineral exploration in the non-reserve portion of Wiisinin Zaahgi’igan, an area that Ginoogaming First Nation has described as a sacred and cultural part of its traditional territory.

Justice Susan Vella has ordered Ontario to engage in “meaningful consultation” with Ginoogaming, and to appear before her again in six months. The decision leaves the future of Greenstone businessman Michael Malouf’s mining claims up in the air. Malouf owns Quarternary Mining & Exploration Inc. and Hardrock Extension Inc.

He says the decision sets a precedent that tells the mining industry “if you involve yourself in exploration and find something, it can be taken away from you…there is no protection.”

Judge Vella expressed sympathy for Malouf, saying he is “caught in the middle between the Crown and Ginoogaming who are seemingly at an impasse.”

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