EDITORIAL: Environmentalists vs. electric vehicles (Las Vegas Review-Journal – August 15, 2021)


Despite their shrill alarmism over global warming, environmentalists are perhaps the biggest obstacles to increasing U.S. production of the minerals needed to make batteries for electric vehicles.

This month, President Joe Biden signed a symbolic executive order urging that half of new vehicles be electric by 2030. In announcing the move, the Biden administration lamented that China is in the pole position on EV manufacturing.
“China is increasingly cornering the global supply chain for electric vehicles and batteries with its fast-growing electric vehicle market,” a White House fact sheet stated.

Leave aside the matter of the government mandating what type of vehicles Americans may purchase or automakers may build. That problem should be obvious given that electric vehicles represented just 2.2 percent of the total market last year, according to Charged Future.

Many consumers — particularly those outside of large urban areas — are leery about low ranges and long charging times.

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