IPCC’s ridiculous code red for humanity is a declaration of defeat – by Rex Murphy (National Post – August 11, 2021)


The IPCC has gone code red for humanity. They have hit their loudest alarm bells. Wow. Grab your masks, and head for the exits. This is scary stuff. What dire happening could justify the IPCC reaching for the greatest alarm? There are only two possibilities.

Either Joe Biden has uttered a comprehensible sentence without outside assistance, or, the world is doomed. It has to be the latter because the former is unthinkable.

Before I get to this crisis I should point out that most of us sentenced to work in the news media know what those initials, IPCC, stand for. Contrary to the impression you’d get from reading the newspaper or listening to the news, most ordinary Canadians do not. Which is just one way of saying, they have lives. And allow me to whisper, they probably own pickup trucks.

The IPCC is the United Nation’s formidably denominated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a moniker designed to have people leap out of their sleep at the very sounding of so august a title.

It has the same summoning power today as the Roman papacy at the peak of its influence. Curiously like the papacy it also claims infallibility.

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