Federal government rejects Grassy Mountain coal project in Alberta – by Joel Dryden (CBC News Calgary – August 6, 2021)


The proposed Grassy Mountain coal project in southwestern Alberta has been rejected by the federal government nearly two months after a review panel denied a provincial application for the project.

On Friday, federal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said he had rejected the project in light of the review panel’s report and after a review of additional available information.

“The Government of Canada must make decisions based on the best available scientific evidence while balancing economic and environmental considerations,” Wilkinson said in a release.

“It is in Canada’s best interests to safeguard our water ways for healthy fish populations like the westslope cutthroat trout, respect Indigenous peoples’ culture and way of life, and protect the environment for future generations.”

Review panel decision

In June, a review panel for the Alberta Energy Regulator denied the provincial application for the coal project, ruling it was “not in the public interest” and advising the federal government to reject the project.

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