Base metals to profit from solar demand – by ( – August 10, 2021)

PERTH ( – The critical minerals sector is poised to become a major benefactor of the increase in global demand for solar power, advisory firm Wood Mackenzie (Woodmac) said this week.

A new report from Woodmac has shown that solar power would have a significant impact on demand for aluminium, copper and zinc, with the usage of all three metals in the sector set to double by 2040.

However, as governments fulfill their commitments to limit global warming to 2 °C and beyond, the need for solar power will become greater and demand for several base metals is expected to surge.

“Base metals are an integral component of solar power systems. A typical solar panel installation requires aluminium for the front frame and a combination of aluminium and galvanised steel (zinc) for structural parts.

Copper is used in high and low voltage transmission cables and thermal solar collectors,” said Woodmac senior research analyst Kamil Wlazly.

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