Abandoning oil and gas a utopian impossibility, Alberta’s premier says – by Janet French (CBC News Edmonton – August 9, 2021)


Alberta’s premier says it’s impossible for people living in a cold, northern climate like Canada to abandon fossil fuels, despite the dire conclusions of an international climate change report.

While the United Nations’ Secretary General said the report should sound a “death knell” for coal and fossil fuels, Premier Jason Kenney said demand for the subterranean fruits of this oil-rich province isn’t going anywhere.

“The notion that we can shut off a major, industrialized economy with the flick of a switch is patently unrealistic,” Kenney told reporters at a news conference at an Edmonton brewery on Monday.

Ending the use of fossil fuels in a cold climate would come at an “incalculable” toll to human life, Kenney said.

He has been a staunch defender of Alberta’s oil and gas industry, creating a publicly funded “war room” to counter misinformation about producers’ environmental records, and launching a $3.5-million public inquiry into foreign sources of funding besmirching the reputation of Alberta oil and gas.

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