Afghanistan’s $1000 billion worth of natural assets in Taliban’s custody – by Najibullah Lalzoy (The Khaama Press News Agency – August 5, 2021)

Afghanistan is rich geography when it comes to mines and natural resources. Some of these mines are ready to be excavated while others are being mined illegally. So we can surely claim that this geography still possesses a vast amount of intact mines and natural resources which amount to nearly $3 trillion.

Based on a geological investigation conducted ten years ago in the US, it has been estimated that the total worth of Afghanistan’s mines and natural resources is USD1000 billion.

The most important natural resources of Afghanistan are as follow, gold, silver, and plutonium, a vast amount of uranium, tantalum, bauxite, natural gas, salt, metal stone, copper, silver, chromium, tin, talc, sulfur, coal, barite, and zinc. Since there is a scarcity of these resources around the world, they have attracted special attention of the globe to Afghanistan.

The natural resources of Afghanistan are the biggest hope of the country to flourish its economy and to be free of economic reliance on other countries. The Afghan ministry of mines and petroleum has too estimated the mines and natural resources of Afghanistan worth $3 trillion. Officials in the ministry said that they have found 1400 spots possessing various types of natural resources such as natural gas, coal, salt, uranium, copper, gold, and silver.

Natural gas is mostly found in the northern provinces of Balkh, Shebirghan, and Saripol which has been estimated from 100 to 500 billion cubic meters. In the latest investigation conducted by NASA, there are over one hundred zones of oil and gas in Afghanistan.

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