Nunavut’s mining industry now significantly outpacing the N.W.T.’s (CBC News North – July 29, 2021)

Nunavut’s mining industry has hit a significant milestone — it’s now projected to be worth more than the N.W.T.’s.

According to the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines, there are opposing trends at work. Nunavut’s mineral production has been expanding, while the N.W.T.’s has been shrinking.

“Nunavut is on a strong growth track,” said Ken Armstrong, chamber president, in a statement. “Unfortunately, in the N.W.T., we are seeing the pattern of decline that economists have been predicting.”

Natural Resources Canada estimates Nunavut’s 2020 mineral production to be about $2.07 billion, a 27 per cent increase over 2019. The territory saw an even bigger increase the year before.

Nunavut currently has three working gold mines, and an iron ore mine. The Meliadine gold mine began commercial production in 2019, and a new deposit began contributing ore to the Meadowbank mine later that year.

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