Coal-spewing China has taken the world’s climate hostage – by Terry Glavin (National Post – July 29, 2021)

While we’ve been busy beating up on Albertans and their oil, Beijing has been laughing at us

After having ransacked the economies of the world’s liberal democracies and wrecked what is still quaintly called the “rules-based international order,” Xi Jinping’s police state in Beijing has now made it abundantly clear that under Xi’s supreme-leader command, the People’s Republic is determined to seize the global agenda on climate change.

And if the world responds with Canadian-style accommodation and capitulation, Beijing will persist in its ambitions — even to the point of taking the global climate hostage while the rest of us, as well as the Chinese people, suffer the consequences of catastrophic climate change.

More heat domes, more apocalyptic floods, more ruinous ecological collapse.

For decades, the trite way of explaining everything from U.S. foreign policy to environmental degradation has been “it’s all about oil.” And there has been some truth to that.

But it’s been 16 years since the Kyoto Protocol entered into force, and 12 years since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed in Copenhagen.

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