Teck’s VP of sustainability named MABC’s Mining Person of the Year – by Vladimir Basov (Kitco News – July 19, 2021)


(Kitco News) – The Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC) is pleased to announce Marcia Smith, Senior Vice President, Sustainability and External Affairs, Teck Resources Limited, as British Columbia’s 2020 Mining Person of the Year.

The Mining Person of the Year award publicly recognizes an individual who has shown outstanding leadership advancing and promoting the mining industry in areas of innovation, safety, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility within British Columbia.

“The 2020 Mining Person of the Year award honors Marcia Smith for her leadership in shaping Teck’s approach to sustainability and ESG performance, and for her role in advancing responsible mining and sustainable business practices within British Columbia’s mining sector,” said Michael Goehring, President and CEO of the Mining Association of BC.

With Marcia leading Teck’s sustainability and external affairs portfolio, the company has been positioned at the forefront of global sustainability indices and set ambitious sustainability goals, including being carbon neutral across its operations by 2050.

Teck was the only mining and metals company awarded the S&P Gold Class Award in 2020.

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