Natural gas firms, Nisga’a Nation unite on $55-billion venture in B.C. – by Brent Jang (Globe and Mail – July 19, 2021)

Seven natural gas producers have teamed up with the Nisga’a Nation to submit a plan to regulators for approval to build a $55-billion energy megaproject in British Columbia, saying they have learned valuable lessons from other initiatives that have failed to materialize over the past decade.

Calgary-based Birchcliff Energy Ltd. is leading the group of producers known as Rockies LNG, which has enlisted Houston-based Western LNG LLC to help carry out plans to construct the B.C. project to export liquefied natural gas to Asia. Their Ksi Lisims LNG project is named after the Nass River in the Nisga’a language.

Ksi Lisims LNG’s filing to regulators doesn’t provide a detailed breakdown of the costs, but the total price tag includes a wide range of items, including floating modules to supercool natural gas into liquid form.

The project will rely heavily on electric-motor technology in refrigerant compressors, using electricity from BC Hydro during the liquefaction process instead of the LNG industry’s traditional reliance on turbines powered by natural gas.

“As set out in the Nisga’a treaty, the Nisga’a Nation owns and controls Nisga’a lands, which includes approximately 2,000 square kilometres at the lower end of the Nass River,” according to a 135-page document, dated July 2, filed by the proponents to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office.

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