The next generation of Canadian nation building – by Deborah Jaremko (Canadian Energy Centre – July 12, 2021)


Not-for-profit championing Indigenous-led multi-modal resource corridors to advance unity, prosperity and sustainability

Representatives of a Canadian not for profit are ramping up meetings with Indigenous leaders across the country to identify opportunities for First Nations-led development projects in traditional territories.

The C2C2C Unity Corridor Foundation is championing the concept of multi-modal transportation corridors to export Canada’s natural resources under the leadership of Indigenous communities.

“I always say we’re stronger together because I really believe it’s time that we need to lift our communities up. It’s about working together and bringing Indigenous people to the forefront,” says C2C2C director Chris Sankey, a member and former elected councillor of the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation near Prince Rupert, B.C.

“For a person that grew up in poverty this means a lot to me, because there’s so many out there that could really use a hand up. And I call it a hand up and not a handout, because that’s not what Indigenous people want. They just want to be heard and listened to, and to work together on their terms,” says Sankey, CEO of Blackfish Enterprises.

“A lot of the development projects are right in their backyard, so who better to look after the environment and grow the economy?” Indigenous leadership will also create stronger projects, he says.

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