Pioneering explorer, pilot Ron Sheardown – by A.J. Roan (North of 60 Mining News – June 25, 2021)

Few men and women could attest to having lived with an adventurous spirit and actually having gone and adventured, but this isn’t so for mining and aviation pioneer Ronald Sheardown.

Soon to be inducted into the Alaska Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame for Pathway and Explorer Pilot this year, Ron has lived a life many could not even dream about.

Born in Bolton, Ontario, in 1936 – a stone’s throw from Toronto – Ron came from a time when aviation was still in its fledgling years, and Man was still mastering the ways to conquer gravity.

As a young boy, Ron grew up watching planes and seeing them come and go at the Toronto International Airport. This would ignite the adventurous spirit inside a young Sheardown, resulting in a future filled with life-saving rescues, polar exploration, geological discoveries, the achievement of many “firsts” in aviation, an award from the Canadian Consul General, as well as one from the President of the United States.

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