Most Belarus potash exports not affected by EU sanctions – by Harry Miller (Canada News Media – June 25, 2021)

The European Union’s ban on imports and transit of potash from Belarus will not affect most exports of the crop nutrient from the world’s top producer, provided the restriction stays in its current form, potash transporters and analysts said.

The curbs apply to Belarus Potash Company (BPC) which exports potash — Minsk’s main foreign currency earner — mostly via the Baltic port of Klaipeda in EU-member Lithuania.

But its main export product, namely potash with 60% potassium content, is not on the EU’s list of sanctioned items, the industry analysts pointed out.

In total, the sanctions imposed on Belarus potash have put limits on only about 20% of exports of the product transported via Lithuania, the head of Lithuanian Railways said on Friday.

About 11 million tonnes of Belarus potash crossed the Lithuanian border last year, with about 2.5 million tonnes falling under EU sanctions, Mantas Bartuska told reporters.

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