Indigenous Leaders: Advocating for Indigenous economic empowerment – by Hugh Kruzel (Northern Ontario Business – June 22, 2021)

The passion in his voice speaks of the advancing cadre of young Indigenous leaders. Leaders who have education, voice, the right and the will to kick things to the next level. Jason Rasevych is part of this new generation that has reached a critical mass.

“There is now change opportunity to transform community and people’s lives. That’s what motivates me. “Education is key in all of this. Education on all fronts,” said Rasevych, a member of Ginoogaming First Nation, a small Anishnawbe community near Longlac in northwestern Ontario.

“I had looked at staying at Durham College (in Oshawa) in economics. I was pursuing a career in marketing but something kept pulling me back north. Next was business administration at Confederation College here in Thunder Bay, and then I went on to Lakehead University and got my bachelor’s degree in business.”

Well known in the region for his entrepreneurial work in First Nation economic development, he has attracted major investment in negotiating agreements to deliver natural resources, energy and broadband projects to remote communities.

He also president and a founder of the Anishnawbe Business Professional Association. At a very young age, the model of his father’s actions set Rasevych’s direction.

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