Yet another nail in the coffin of Canada’s energy industry – by Lorne Gunter (Toronto Sun – June 12, 2021)

Coal produces “unacceptable environmental effects.” Plastic is “toxic.” The oilsands should be “phased out” and pipelines aren’t worth fighting for (except, of course, for the ones that bring gasoline, propane and other fuels to Ontario and Quebec right before a federal election).

With an announcement Friday that Ottawa was effectively proclaiming federal jurisdiction over all thermal coal-mining projects, so the feds could protect fish and Indigenous people, the Trudeau government has hammered yet another nail in the coffin of Canada’s energy industry.

Just how do the federal Liberals propose to fund their Great Reset without the revenues from Canada’s resource industries, let alone heat and light every home in the country, fuel every truck that delivers food to grocery stores, and power greenhouses, factories and public transit?

Justin Trudeau and his merry band of “green” fanatics could buy us all electric vehicles. And give them to us at no charge. Nice. But where would the electricity come to charge them all?

And here’s the irony of ironies: Small Canadian businesses will no longer find contracts servicing mines. Canadian workers will no longer find well-paying jobs digging coal.

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