The Ring of Fire road is a ‘game-changing’ project to these realtors – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – June 8, 2021)

Far North route, better rural connectivity makes Ontario Real Estate Association’s top infrastructure to-do list

The Ring of Fire and its would-be road made the Ontario Real Estate Association’s (OREA) Top 10 list of “game-changing” infrastructure projects in the province.

A Strategic Transportation Link to Ontario’s Ring of Fire ranked eighth behind a raft of transit and rail projects in the Greater Toronto Area, eastern and southwestern Ontario.

OREA called the Far North exploration camp, Canada’s “largest known source of untapped mineral wealth,” but it faces huge logistical challenge to reach the stranded nickel, chromite and base metal deposits due to the area’s remoteness.

Locate some 500 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay in the James Bay region, OREA said a permanent road is needed to send supplies into the proposed mining camp, haul ore out for processing, and provide year-round access for the delivery of fuel, medical supplies and health food to a handful of isolated First Nation communities that will connect them to the provincial highway network for the first time.

OREA said accessing this world-class mineral belt by road or rail “will define Ontario’s relationship with its Far North for a century. It presents opportunities to work alongside Indigenous communities to ensure environmental impacts are considered, land rights are respected and economic benefits are realized equitably.

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