NUNAVUT MINING: De Beers considers carbon-neutral diamond mine near Iqaluit – by Ezra Black (Nunavut News – June 8, 2021)

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De Beers has set an ambitious goal to make the Chidliak Project its first carbon neutral diamond mine. Consequently, the company is looking to build a low-impact operation using renewable energy and cutting-edge technology.

The project is located on the Hall Peninsula of Baffin Island, approximately 200 kilometres south of Pangnirtung and about 120 kilometres from Iqaluit.

Due to the large number of kimberlite pipes – carrot-shaped geologic formations that often contain diamonds – De Beers is looking to design the operation using high-tech mining techniques, according to De Beers spokesperson Terry Kruger.

Some of these technologies include modular buildings that could easily be moved from place to place, precision mining techniques, virtual technologies and renewable energy.

The company is also considering “heavy lift cargo airships,” stated Kruger, which means De Beers might be planning to operate the mine without building an expensive road to the remote region and would instead rely on air transport. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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