Enviro programs should be added, not cut – by David Farrow (Sudbury Star – June 10, 2021)


David Farrow is the Ontario Liberal Party candidate for Sudbury in next year’s provincial election.

During my first trip to Sudbury in 1985, I remember the area looking barren with little to no vegetation. It was a shock to someone who was a first-time visitor to the city.

Thankfully, local leaders have taken steps since then to restore the landscape and beautify our community, producing world-class results, in no small part due to the excellent environmental research and teaching at Laurentian University. It made the business hub of Northern Ontario a better place to live.

Shockingly, Laurentian’s School of the Environment and environmental programming, so important to the fabric of our city, have been gutted by the recent Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act proceedings, alongside other vital areas of study. This is a mistake, one that will have consequences in the years to come.

We should be adding to environmental programs, not cutting them. These important courses give us a unique understanding of our effects on our planet and what it takes to reclaim our landscapes, lakes and forests.

We should be leveraging this knowledge and using the local expertise to continue moving the environmental movement forward in Greater Sudbury, the province and Canada.

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