The future of Canada’s nickel supply is NOT Indonesia – by Richard (Rick) Mills (A Head Of The – June 2, 2021)


China says it has found a way to make “green” nickel chemical for EV batteries from nickel laterite deposits in Indonesia that could help to alleviate the coming supply deficit in the metal that is essential to electric vehicle batteries.

Don’t be fooled. The process itself is extremely polluting, and ‘ocean tailings ponds’ are anything but green. Thankfully car companies aren’t buying it. Future nickel supply for battery-making is therefore unlikely to come from Indonesia or anywhere else where nickel laterites are mined.

EVs coming to Canada

Canada is in the beginning stages of developing an electric vehicle supply chain that capitalizes on the country’s rich battery metals endowment and cheap hydro-electric power particularly in Quebec and British Columbia.

Over the past six months, three of the world’s largest car companies have announced they are investing in Ontario, Canada’s most populated province and auto sector hub.

General Motors said it will spend close to $1 billion to produce electric commercial vans in Ingersoll, ON, Ford plans to invest $1.2 billion to start building five battery-powered car models in Oakville from 2025, and Fiat Chrysler expects to shell out as much as $1.5 billion in creating its own electric vehicle platform in Ontario.

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