Northern Sask. First Nation erects security checkpoint in response to uranium exploration and COVID-19 (CBC News Saskatchewan – May 31, 2021)

The Clearwater River Dene Nation (CRDN) in northern Saskatchewan has erected a security checkpoint on a highway that runs through its land in response to uranium mining exploration in the area and worries about the spread of COVID-19.

In a news release issued Monday, Clearwater Chief Teddy Clarke said the Saskatchewan government has repeatedly approved mining exploration without any meaningful consultation with local trappers, elders or community leaders.

“The Government of Saskatchewan ran roughshod over the rights of the Dene People in this region for decades.

The issuance of uranium mineral rights and granting of exploration permits and approvals of damaging uranium mines by the GOS (Government of Saskatchewan) all occurred without our People’s meaningful involvement, participation or consent,” Clarke stated in the release.

The First Nation, located about 615 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon, has erected the security checkpoint on Highway 955 and hired Vancouver-based JFK Law to represent its interests, according to the release.

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