OPINION: Less talk, more action: Canada gets a reality check on its dreams of being an EV powerhouse – by Adam Radwanski (Globe and Mail – May 19, 2021)


The global race to develop industries around electric-vehicle production just keeps heating up.

On Tuesday, touring a Ford plant in Detroit that’s making electric pickup trucks, President Joe Biden touted his US$174-billion EV plan, including grants for new battery-production facilities.

It was an indication of his administration’s aim to aggressively play catch-up with China, which got a huge head start building EV supply chains, and Europe, which has made inroads.

To listen recently to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, Canada is right there in the mix. The idea is that this country’s unique combination of natural resources and auto-making expertise will allow it to be a major player in the entire process of building an EV – from mining and refining component minerals, through battery manufacturing to vehicle assembly.

Commitments in last month’s federal budget – an $8-billion Net Zero Accelerator fund for clean-technology investment by large industry, a big tax credit for producers of zero-emissions goods – are supposed to help.

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