Laurentian losing three key ‘Sudbury Model’ researchers – by Hugh Kruzel (Sudbury Star – May 13, 2021)

They are a loss to regreening and land and water restoration efforts here and around the world

A university is not buildings; it is the sum of all the activities that go on in and around the campus; and much further. It is ultimately the interaction of learners and those who offer learning opportunities. It is the research and even the conversations between and amongst seemingly disparate parts that lead to surprises, discoveries, solutions, and understandings.

The removal of professors, staff, and the impact of cuts and closing, are beyond evaluation and reach well outside our geographic region. In ecology and environmental sciences, the closing of programs ends decades of awareness, sharing, and success in land, soil, and water research and restoration.

Laurentian, of course, is insolvent. To balance its books, it has cut almost 200 faculty and staff, and 69 programs. Graeme Spiers taught in a range of departments.

“My research focus has been in chemical aspects of reclamation sciences, analytical chemistry, study of authigenic minerals in soils, water chemistry, mine site reclamation, with some work also in agricultural soils.”

Spiers was listed as chair, Environmental Monitoring, School of the Environment, member of Harquail School of Earth Sciences. He also taught in the Department of Biology. Charles Ramcharan’s expertise is equally diverse.

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