Editorial: The cost of the Wolverine minesite – by Lewis Rifkind (Yukon News – May 9, 2021)


The price of a decent wolverine fur goes for about $1,000 these days. Wolverine fur trim on hoods is highly desirable because it repels water. This means a frost-free hood on those cold days when Yukoners go outside.

Regrettably, there is a mine in the southeast Yukon of the same name that does not repel water and is costing Yukon residents a lot more than a single animal fur to treat its wastewater. This beast is known as the Wolverine Mine.

The Wolverine Mine site is located in the southeast Yukon on the Robert Campbell Highway between Ross River and Watson Lake. It produced mainly lead, zinc and some other metals for three years, and was last operated back in 2015.

Due to the inadequacies of the current Yukon’s Quartz Mining Act royalty regulations, the Wolverine Mine did not pay a single penny in royalties.

The mine site has been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings as well as legal processes to determine who owns the site and, more importantly, who is responsible for it.

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