Diamond Dealer Jared Holstein on the Limits of Ethical Sourcing – by Victoria Gomelsky (JCK Online.com – May 12, 2021)


Don’t come to Jared Amadeo Holstein (pictured) expecting to find answers about ethical diamond sourcing. The San Francisco–based diamond, colored stone, and estate jewelry dealer, aka D’Amadeo, specializes in post-consumer recycled diamonds and colored stones, historical cuts, and known-source gemstones, but he makes no claims about his diamonds’ ethics.

“The word ethical is weighted and freighted and should be used very carefully,” Holstein tells JCK, admitting that he has persistent doubts about the how the goods he’s bought have come to market and the impacts they’ve had on people and the planet along the way.

“But being involved, buying goods that I’m not comfortable with buying, allows me to have conversations with people that are good,” Holstein says. “Everyone just needs to ask questions. It is all of our duty to press industry and to press producers for better information.”

The onetime art history and Italian major wasn’t always steeped in such complicated issues. He began his professional career working for car magazines until he had what he describes as “a quarter-life crisis” and decided to pursue goldsmithing.

“I’d always loved gems and minerals—my grandfather was a geologist—so about 14 years ago, I went to a school that’s no longer extant, the Revere Academy,” Holstein says, referring to the famed San Francisco jewelry school once run by Alan Revere.

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