All things bright and beautiful – by Arabella Roden (Jeweller Magazine – May 11, 2021)

There is no denying the appeal of coloured gemstones. From the high jewellery of Paris Couture Fashion Week to Tiffany & Co.’s annual Blue Book Collection – the centrepiece of its annual design calendar – the spotlight in 2021 has been firmly focused on vibrant, vivid gemstones in every colour of the rainbow.

Soothing yet magnetic hues of blue and green, captured in aquamarine and emerald, were emphasised at Tasaki and David Morris, while Bucherer painted a perfect pastel picture with soft pink and purple spinel and sapphire.

Inspired by the natural world, Tiffany’s Blue Book – themed ‘Colors of Nature’ – teemed with tanzanite, tourmaline, and garnet.

Beyond pure creativity, the collections also reflect consumers’ – and the wider jewellery industry’s – increasing desire for a varied palette of colour.

“Coloured gemstones become more and more important and sought-after; they express individuality, style, connoisseurship and add colour to your life,” says Raphael Gu¨belin, president of the House of Gübelin – including Gübelin Jewellery as well as the Gübelin Gem Lab, which specialises in the scientific analysis of coloured gemstones.

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