Smuggling of Indian Uranium & Western Silence – by Imtiaz Gul [Pakistan] Daily Times – May 9, 2021)

Daily Times

Should the seizure of some 2.5 kilogrammes of unprocessed uranium from four Nepalese nationals and the arrest of Nepalese nationals in Kathmandu ring alarm internationally? Of course.

Why? Because India is a major beneficiary of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG) as well as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and by implication must have strict surveillance system over radio-active materials.

Alarm is called for also because one of the arrested persons claimed that her father-in-law had “brought the material from India some 20 years ago”, where he worked in a uranium mine.

Imagine the kind of noise that Indian and western media would have raised had some one arrested elsewhere linked the radioactive materials with Pakistan!

Fortunately , not a single incident in Pakistan but quite a few as far as India is concerned. In November 1994, Meghalaya Police seized 2.5 kg of uranium from a gang of four smugglers in the Domiasiat region.

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