Tiny hummingbird stops construction on the Trans Mountain pipeline in B.C. for 4 months – by Amy Judd (Global News – April 26, 2021)


Work on the Trans Mountain’s pipeline construction has now been stopped for four months after the discovery of hummingbird nests during tree cutting.

Members of the Community Nest Finding Network (CNFN) alerted federal wildlife officers in early April over concerns workers on the Trans Mountain pipeline in Burnaby were not complying with the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

According to the CNFN, on April 12, officers saw the felling of a tree with a hummingbird’s nest in it and as a result, Environment and Climate Change Canada issued the stop-work order until Aug. 21.

Anna’s hummingbirds, among the most commonly seen on the West Coast, nests from B.C. and east to Arizona.

Under the Migratory Birds Act, unless regulations are made, no one can allow for a situation where migratory birds may be killed, captured or taken or their nests be damaged, destroyed removed or disturbed.

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