Laurentian University cuts world-renowned programs – by Albrecht I. Schulte-Hostedde (Sudbury Star – April 28, 2021)

Sudbury is known as the city of lakes and for its famous regreening programs, yet university is slashing expertise in those areas as it restructures

Among the programs closed in Laurentian University’s “restructuring” were environmental science, environmental studies, ecology and restoration biology.

In a city of lakes, where Sophie Mathur has galvanized global youth around the climate crisis, where the regreening of the region has reached near mythological status, an undergraduate student cannot enter into an environmental or ecology program at Laurentian University.

Think about that. Why were Laurentian’s environmental and ecology programs closed?

To uncover the rationale of how decisions were made regarding the termination of programs (or not), we need to read the affidavit recently submitted to the provincial court by Laurentian University president, Robert Haché (available here,

In this affidavit, Haché articulates the rationale for program closure, including whether a program made any money (paragraph 49 of the affidavit). But a subset of programs were not terminated because of their “direct link to LU’s mission” (paragraph 50).

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