In Mount Isa, electric cars are driving the economy — but not the people – by Eric Barker (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – April 28, 2021)

Couple some of Australia’s roughest and most remote roads with lucrative mining salaries and you can imagine the size of the cars driving around Mount Isa.

The town’s serenity is often cancelled out by loud diesel engines shifting through the gears, with the noise of Mount Isa Mines in the background.

Ironically, a recent resurgence in the local economy is largely thanks to the burgeoning electric car industry, which is creating some serious demand for copper.

But driving electric cars in this rugged and remote part of the world seems a long way off. “I’ve read a lot about them and I’ve seen adverts about them, but I don’t really go into it and study what it’s all about,” says Mount Isa resident Brian Bester.

Bester, who drives a diesel four-wheel drive ute, says his vehicle suits his lifestyle of long trips and some off-road driving.

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