[Zimbabwe] Editorial Comment: Foreign affairs thrust bears fruit (Herald – April 22, 2021)


Zimbabwe’s diplomatic thrust under the Second Republic, of stressing economic issues and engaging everyone as a friend or potential friend in the least confrontational way, has been bearing fruit and everyone will welcome the enthusiasm that new Foreign and International Trade Minister Ambassador Frederick Shava has shown in wanting to intensify these efforts.

Already our older friends, and in our desire for better relations with others we have not been neglecting them, take us more seriously as the sort of country that encourages and protects foreign investments by their nationals, that opens doors to mutually beneficial trade, and, importantly, pays its bills in commercial deals.

The recognition of Zimbabwe as a place where you can do profitable business has already seen significant inward investment: the choice of Zimbabwe by China’s top private steel producer as the site of its regional mills; the huge investment by a Russian mining company to open the next big platinum mine; the continued investment by South African-based mining concerns.

These are commercial decisions taken by businesspeople who are unlikely to be all that impressed by political rhetoric.

They possibly made political checks, and were reassured that, yes, the Government in Zimbabwe is serious about the promises it has made and, yes, will deliver on its side of any agreement.

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