Talon Metals wants US nickel refinery – by Craig Guthrie (Mining Magazine – April 21, 2021)


Talon Metals has said a US-based nickel refinery will be needed to create a “Green Nickel” US supply chain for electric vehicles (EVs).

The proposed US refinery would accept feedstock from its Tamarack Nickel Project as well as recycled materials, said Talon Metals.

“I believe that there is enough nickel in the United States for nickel independence – what’s missing is a USA-based refinery that could be used to convert nickel into a final product that can be used for batteries,” said Henri van Rooyen, CEO of Talon.

The firm’s proposed Green Nickel supply chain would see all steps from mining and refining of nickel to manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles remains within the US.

“Talon is aiming to produce the first Green Nickel supply chain that is traceable and independently verified across responsible production practices and CO2 emissions,” he said, adding that the company plans to ttrial the use of blockchain.

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