It’s Official. Nuclear Power Is ‘Appropriate and Safe’ – by Brad Bergan (Interesting Engineering – April 7, 2021)

Experts in the European Union have completed a draft declaring nuclear power a green investment, fully meeting the standards as a sustainable energy source, according to a recently shared report.

However, since this report is a draft undergoing consideration of the European Commission, the designation of nuclear power as “sustainable” may be contingent upon other, similar debates about natural gas.

Further EU scrutiny to decide whether nuclear power is green

This comes a part of the European Commission’s sustainable finance taxonomy — which decides which economic activities are sustainable investments in the E.U., or not — based on rigid environmental criteria.

Last year, expert advisors in Brussels were split over the question of assigning a green label to nuclear power. Contrary to misconceptions, nuclear power produces very low levels of planet-warming CO2 emissions.

However, the E.U. Commission needed to flesh out the environmental impact of radioactive waste disposal, before coming to a decision, asking the Joint Research Centre (JRC) — the scientific-focused arm — to provide a report on the issue.

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