How to fix Laurentian University without gutting it – by Lionel Rudd (Sudbury Star – April 15, 2021)

Start by hiring new management and appointing a new board

Recent pronouncements emanating from Robert Hache, president of Laurentian University, aided and abetted by the management, has precipitated a tsunami of events that has surely poisoned the well for the university, started by the insolvency crisis and culminating by severing ties with the three federated universities, along with throwing students and the community under the bus simultaneously.

It may take decades to rebuild and regain the hard-won confidence and reputation that has taken so much time and effort to create for Laurentian. You cannot un-ring a bell – irreparable damage has already been done.

I feel a sense of betrayal and despair, despondency and a sense the community, students, faculty, support staff and the physical plant staff share such feelings of betrayal by the management of Laurentian University. There appears to be no end to the chaos the unfolding mess management is heaping upon the faculty, staff, students and the community of Sudbury.

It is a calamity of Titanic proportions. It seems that, like the Titanic, the Laurentian ship has been blindly steered into an iceberg of sorts but unlike the Titanic, LU management is sacrificing the crew and the passengers, and the community is the recipient and victim of the collateral damage and loss. And chaos prevails.

It appears we are observing a cross between total and complete mismanagement compounded by a corporate Ponzi scheme of sorts. I would like to point out the hopes and dreams of thousands — and at the cost of several millions of dollars — a valuable entity has been all but destroyed along with the trust of the whole education community and the community at large.

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