First Nation and junior mining company reach exploration accord – by Staff (Northern Ontario Business – March 26, 2021)

Aroland First Nation issues permit, gives consent to exploration on traditional lands by Silver Spruce Resources

Aroland First Nation and junior miner Silver Spruce Resources have signed an agreement to approve of exploration activities in northwestern Ontario.

The Indigenous community is issuing a permit to the Bedford, Nova Scotia company to do exploration on its Melchett Lake property, which sits within Aroland’s traditional territory. This is a separate agreement outside of any provincial permitting process.

According to the company’s website, Melchett Lake contains a mineral belt with several occurrences of zinc, lead, copper, silver, and gold. Silver Resources has other early-stage exploration projects in Mexico.

“This is the way it should be,” said Chief Dorothy Towedo in a March 25 statement.

“The company seeks the First Nation government’s consent and is prepared to meet the conditions required to obtain that consent, so the First Nation issues its permit containing those conditions. We understand that the company needs the Crown government’s permit too.”

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