Nornickel closes Monchegorsk plant as it ramps up environmentally-friendly transition – by Marek Grzegorczyk (Emerging Europe – March 24, 2021)


Russian metal producer Norilsk Nickel has announced that it will close its metallurgical plant in the city of Monchegorsk as part of the company’s programme to move towards greener production.

Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel) is set to close a metallurgical plant in the city of Monchegorsk, in the border region of Russia, Norway and Finland, the main source of sulphur dioxide emissions in the area.

The closure of the workshop is associated with the firm’s ongoing process of transitioning to the environmentally-friendly production of high-quality metallurgical products.

Closing the smelting shop will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions in Monchegorsk to less than 30,000 tonnes in 2021, and with the shutdown of the smelting shop in the town of Nikel, emissions in the Kola Peninsula in 2021 will be 85 per cent lower when compared to 2015.

Next year, emissions will be limited to 22,000 tonnes, of which 8-9,000 (depending on the season) will be from the power plant, which also heats homes in Monchegorsk.

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