Vale mining boss looks ahead to a sustainable future in the Sudbury Basin – by Ian Ross (Northern Ontario Business – March 23, 2021)

Replenishing the diminishing nickel reserves in Sudbury begins with people power and partnerships, says Dino Otranto

The days of senior management thinking that what was good for Inco was good for Sudbury are long over.

The head of operations of its corporate successor, Vale, talked this week about ‘transformational’ change on the operational and technology front in the Sudbury Basin but also within the internal culture at one of the world’s biggest base metal miners.

“What we’ve learned as an organization is how we do what we do is more important than ever before,” said Dino Otranto, chief operating officer for Vale’s North Atlantic Operations and Asian Refineries.

Otranto delivered an annual state-of-the-mining-company address at a virtual event for the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, entitled Transforming for Sustainable Mining, on March 23.

He dove into the details of productivity and production, talked about the company’s improving safety performance with charts and graphs, but he also mentioned that big corporations like his need to shed the know-it-all attitude and start engaging, listening, and caring for its employees and partners, as well as better understand the community in order to build a future that all Sudburians want.

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