Crestview Exploration touted by misleading stock promotion campaign in Germany – by Naill McGee (Globe and Mail – March 20, 2021)

Crestview Exploration Inc., the Calgary gold company targeted with a phony stock promotion campaign that kicked off an RCMP-led fraud investigation in Canada last spring, was recently the subject of a similarly misleading promotional push in Europe.

Last month, a German stock promotion website called blasted out a series of posts to its subscribers touting shares in Crestview.

Written in German, the posts contained a litany of false statements, exaggerations and half truths about the tiny exploration-stage company, which trades for pennies on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the Frankfurt Exchange.

“I’ve read this company’s ’43-101′ reports (This is the official government-approved report issued by a certified geologist in Canada),” a person identified as stock promoter Torsten Schmidt wrote in a e-mail blast on Feb. 22. “The company is sitting on billions of dollars in gold.”

Last spring, Canada Post delivered almost identically worded materials touting Crestview in letter form to homes across Canada.

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