The View from England: Copper has been a stand-out price performer during the pandemic, as has cardboard – by Chris Hinde (Northern Miner – March 16, 2021)

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As tempting as it is to opine about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Oprah Winfrey soap opera, there are rather more important things going on than the “truths” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Used cardboard and rugby football, for example.

This month marks the 150th anniversary of the first-ever international rugby match. On March 27, 1871, we played Scotland in Edinburgh, and lost (as we did against them in London this year).

Incidentally, did you know that, in addition to rugby, games invented by the British have included cricket, curling, darts, football (soccer), golf and baseball (or rather its ancestor, rounders). It is amazing that we found time to work!

Cardboard is also in the news this month. Booming on-line shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic has seen demand for packaging soar. The U.K.’s Confederation of Paper Industries warned in early March that “market conditions are extremely challenging.”

The problems had started in October (ahead of Brexit and Christmas), according to the boss of packaging firm Rightbox Ltd, Axl Barber, but now “it’s really crazy.”

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