PDAC: Enormous opportunities to go green in Canada, says minister of industry – by Carl A. Williams (Northern Miner – March 2021)

Global mining news

Canada is uniquely positioned to become a “global leader in electric vehicle manufacturing,” says Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, in a fireside chat with Invest in Canada’s CEO Ian McKay at this year’s PDAC.

As countries worldwide begin to electrify their transportation systems, Canada offers unique advantages, the minister said. “Canada offers renewably generated electricity, a skilled workforce, a stable and predictable jurisdiction to operate in, the rule of law – a commodity very much in demand these days – and an abundance of the critical minerals needed for the batteries that power electric vehicles.”

He continued, the “mines to mobility” approach adopted in Canada means “greening” the entire value chain, including mineral extraction, the chemistry involved in processing minerals, battery production, vehicle assembly, and the end-of-life recycling of batteries.

“People are now placing more value on the supply chains, which are moving from global to the regional and shifting from efficiency for resiliency,” Champagne said.

“Canada offers enormous opportunities not just for auto manufactures but the whole ecosystem, with significant investment being made by auto manufacturers and the Canadian government.”

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