Feds announce $7.1M for new wind turbines at Raglan mine – by Staff (Canadian Mining Journal – March 10, 2021)


As part of its climate efforts, the federal government is providing $7.1 million to Tugliq Energy to help fund the installation of two more wind turbines at Glencore‘s (LON: GLEN) remote Raglan nickel mine.

The operation, in the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, already has two 3-MW wind turbines, one constructed in 2014, and the second in 2018. The two turbines currently generate around 10% of mine power, saving over 4 million litres of diesel every year, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12,000 tonnes.

Two more wind turbines would increase the mine’s renewable energy capacity to 12 MW and its energy storage capacity to 6 MW, and reduce diesel use by 6.6 million litres annually.

Tugliq is currently in the midst of integration studies and technical engineering for the new infrastructure, but it could be ready to begin construction in one year’s time. Construction would take another two years – one year for the foundation, another for installation.

During the announcement, Tugliq Energy president and CEO of Laurent Abbatielo said that the first wind turbine at Raglan was “deemed impossible” by many.

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