What’s next for Brazil’s mineral exploration push? – by Matthew Hall (Mining Technology – February 15, 2021)


A cornerstone of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s tenure has been cutting the red tape that hinders economic exploitation of the Amazon rainforest.

As moves to open indigenous lands and conservation areas to mineral exploration draw widespread opposition, we look at Brazil’s push to encourage a wave of mineral exploration in the country.

Historically, mining has been an industry on the back of which empires are forged.

Instrumental in the colonial expansion of the European continent, the extraction of gold from the Americas provided the capital needed to facilitate the notion of Manifest Destiny, the 19th century belief that white settlers were fated to expand their colonisation across what is now the US.

And while that age of empires has declined or died entirely, depending on who you ask, the mining industry still plays a vital part in growing developing countries’ economic strength, and in multinational interests’ further dominance of an increasingly globalised economy.

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