Mexico: The World’s Leading Silver Producer – by Phil Gracin (The Deep Dive – February 6, 2021)

There is a saying in the mining industry that miners go where the minerals are. Another says that the best place to find a new mine is near an existing mine.

Exploration investors might be mindful of these expressions when considering which companies to invest in. North American investors are fortunate that there are many opportunities in their own backyard.

Canada and the United States are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, enabling investors to focus on opportunities closer to home. Mining companies are in a constant search for new opportunities and often find them in faraway lands.

Developing countries often seek help from developed countries to boost their economies, and often the best mechanism to unlock a country’s economic viability is by exploiting its resources.

Exploration companies often receive favourable incentives such as tax deferrals to prospect in underexplored jurisdictions, and it can often result in higher profitability for mining operations. Fortunately for North American investors, Mexico is in the vicinity and it is one of the world’s premier mining jurisdictions, while being an economic powerhouse in its own right.

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