(Lynn Lake, Manitoba) Is this the next major nickel sulphide discovery? (MiningNew.net – February 12, 2021)


Lynn Lake is one of Canada’s largest nickel producing regions, having mined in the order of 22.2 million tons at 1% nickel and 0.5% copper between 1953 and 1976, when the bottom fell out of the nickel price and mining ceased.

In 2015 Corazon took the strategic step of consolidating the entire Lynn Lake nickel field under its ownership – the first time this world-scale nickel belt had been controlled by one company – and set about the systematic exploration of the project.

This has included multiple phases of drilling, supported by detailed targeting work, led by world-leading nickel sulphide expert Dr Larry Hulbert.

This foresighted approach hasn’t always been rewarded by investors, but fast forward to 2021, and this may be all about to change as Corazon is currently undertaking its next phase of drilling – with the potential prize being a major new nickel sulphide discovery.

“We have identified six priority drill targets, and the program is initially targeting the three highest priority targets, with approximately 1,600m of drilling, before we progress to the other targets,” explains Corazon managing director Brett Smith.

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