Trudeau paved the way for Biden’s rejection of Keystone – by Joe Oliver (Financial Post – January 27, 2021)

Under Trudeau’s leadership, the government is deliberately squandering a stupendous legacy — the third largest proven oil reserves in the world

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got a taste of his own medicine when on Inauguration Day, President Joe Biden dealt a body blow to the Canadian energy industry by cancelling the partly-built $8-billion Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline.

What Biden did to our country was hardly different from what Trudeau had inflicted on us before. And for the same fatuous and hypocritical reasons.

When I served as minister of natural resources I called the proposed pipeline, which would bring Canadian crude oil to U.S. Gulf Coast refiners, “the most studied energy project in the history of the world.”

Biden, like president Barack Obama before him, ignored the State Department’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on KXL, which concluded approval or denial was “unlikely to significantly impact the rate of extraction in the oilsands.”

Moreover, Keystone would be less risky and produce fewer emissions than rail. According to the EIS, the line could have no adverse effect on the global climate. Just as tellingly, the U.S. Defense Department said it would not stop buying oilsands fuel because there would be no environmental benefit from doing so.

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